What is Vilafinil Used For?

The main function of this drug is to help people suffering from narcolepsy and sleeping disorders. This drug is used to help a person become more alert during the working hours or at times when the utmost concentration is required. Along with this, Vilafinil is used for promoting wakefulness and vigilance. The primary functions are to help people cope with sleeping disorders, narcolepsy, and shift work disorders. People use this also to enhance their concentration span, attention and performance during working hours.

With enhanced concentration, focus and alertness it helps people with their learning abilities and capacities. They are able to stay attentive for longer periods of time and can focus on their work with undivided attention, concentration, and focus.

This drug due to its exceptional results is very popular among the students who use this drug to help them stay attentive in their exams and concentrate on their examination preparation in an improved level of concentration.

Along with these uses, Vilafinil is also used for weight loss. Though it is not the primary function but it something that can result due to the intake of Vilafinil. One more area where this drug is helpful is in the treatment of opiate and cocaine addictions. Effects of Vilafinil are contradictory to symptoms of cocaine withdrawal.

How Does Vilafinil Works?

According to studies and researches carried out on Vilafinil, there are various working mechanisms of this drug and not all mechanisms have been fully discovered and understood.

This drug has the capability to cross the barrier created by the blood and brain and enter the nervous system centre. Dopamine transporter is what slows down the reuptake of this neurotransmitter within the brain. This drug is known to significantly affect the dopamine transporter by enhancing the circulation level of dopamine which in result promotes increased motivation, mental focus, and stamina. Along with this, the drug is known to enhance the mood of a person too. Besides the dopamine circulation level, Vilafinil is also responsible for the histamine levels in the brain. Histamine is what sets up the sleep-wake cycle and controls a person’s alertness and focus during the day. The sleep hormones are alerted by the use of this drug and promote wakefulness during the day and help a person get away with fatigue while working. The norepinephrine, serotonin, and orexin systems within the brain are affected by the use of Vilafinil. And helps in boosting the health of neural cells.


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