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Nodict tablets uses and side effects

Nodict is a brand of generic Naltrexone manufactured by Sun Rise Pharmaceuticals, India. It is prescribed for Alcohol and Opioid (Heroin and Morphine) dependence. This medication is one of modern treatment methods used by doctors to treat substance dependence.


How Nodict is used?

This medication is used as a relapse prevention method in Alcohol dependence. Once alcohol withdrawal is treated by a specialist, it is important to prevent any potential reverting back to drinking behavior.

When Nodict is taken, person would not get the same enjoyment as before. Therefore, motivation to continue abstinence increases. In addition, it prevents the person from going back to alcohol taking behavior when he sees related stimuli e.g. Sight of a bar, meeting friends who are used to drinking with him/her.


However, it cannot prevent an unmotivated person from drinking alcohol. It just helps to prevent alcohol taking behavior in a well-motivated individual. So motivation is the key to achieve abstinence.

Same principals apply to person with opioid dependence. A person who tries to take Opioids while on Nodict would need higher doses to achieve same effects and it could result in serious over dose (could be fatal) of Opioids (Heroin or Morphine).


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