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Working of Careprost Plus eye drop-

Careprost plus is mainly directed in the treatment of hypotrichosis disorder in which eyelashes get short. Careprost plus eye drop also boosts the width, length and blackness of eyelashes.  Careprost plus also specified in the management of glaucoma. Generic Bimatoprost is the chief pharmaceutical element present in the Careprost plus eye drop. Bimatoprost belongs to the drug of prostaglandin analogue. Bimatoprost diminishes the pressure in the eye by raising fluid drainage from the eye.
Indications of Careprost Plus eye drop-
Some benefits of using this eye drop are mentioned below:
  1. Careprost plus eye drop is recommended to cure the shortage of eye lashes.
  2. Careprost plus eye drop is also indicated for the management of glaucoma.

Application of Careprost Plus eye drop-

To cure from the intraocular hypertension or glaucoma use 1 drop of Careprost plus in the affected eyes one timeat the bed time. After using this eye drop close your eyes for 2 to 3 minutes.
For improving growth of eyelashes, you should apply one drop of medication on the upper eyelids with sterile applicator. This eye drop should be always at night before going to sleep.
Overdose of Careprost plus eye drop-
In case of overdosing of Careprost plus eye drop immediately ask to your doctors and get some treatment from overdosing of Careprost plus eye drop. Some symptoms of Careprost plus eye drop are fainting, feeling of drowsiness.
Missed dose of Careprost plus eye drop-
If in case you missed a dose of Careprost eye drop take it as soon as possible. Never take the 2 drops of Careprost plus eye drop because it may lead to some severe health problems.
Drug interaction of Careprost plus eye drop-
This drug is interacting with some ophthalmic preparation which contains Bimatoprost and this eye drop also interacts with some herbal products also.
Storage conditions of Careprost plus eye drop-
This eye drop stored at room temperature, protect it from direct sunlight, heat and moisture. Place this eye drop in a dry, safe and clean room.
Adverse effects of Careprost plus eye drop-
Some adverse effects of this Careprost plus are mentioned below:
Some common side effects
Some serious side effects
Headache, longer or thicker eyelashes, redness of the eyes.
Changes in the colour of the iris, sensation of light is increased, skin of eyelids gets dark

 Safety instructions should be followed while using Careprost plus eye drop-

  1. The patient is pregnant or lactating mother.
  2. If the patient using contact lenses or having surgery in the eyes.
  3. The patient is suffering from herpes simplex (viral infection in the eyes).
  4. Patient suffering from hepatic or renal damage, or any breathing problems.
  5. The patient is allergic with any element present in this eye drop.
  6. If you feel any adverse effects after using this eye drop the stop using it or immediately tell to your health provider.


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